miercuri, 13 mai 2009

A matter of choice

It is only your choice to stop talking and look at me like a convict caught in the act while reorganizing your beloved virtual world! Yes, it looks good, but how good do you feel? and so you know, I have a third eye who's sneaking while you're typing in secret.
It's your choice to only say the necessary and look through me most of the time and in the meanwhile thinking of how to escape my queries. I won't ask anything else.
It is your choice to ask and never to listen the answer, also to avoid hearing questions and/or affirmations, you should know by now I hate repeating myself.
It is your choice whether you are mature enough to handle your problems or just a kid who keeps looking for trouble, "will take her own mistakes" cause that's the way to live. No, kid, it's not!I'm not your enemy, I don't want to be..come! I would have loved to watch together the 3 fresh episodes, but the expression on your face when I entered the room made me wanna leave..for a year.No, kid, it's not ok.!